Monday, February 22, 2010

santa cruz pics and oh my my

I've just realized that as of late all of my photography on here has been food-related. And while this may indeed indicate a certain change in lifestyle and hip-size, it's not an ENTIRE representation of the Daily Livin' of Rona-Girl. Mostly. But not entirely.

Last weekend's trip to Santa Cruz with Tanya T was perfect. We went hiking in the mountains in the pursuit of mushrooms, we relaxed on the beach, we hit a few wineries (to try their grape juice, Grampa), and we just chilled. It was unbelievably nice. Even though I left my laptop in our motel and they had to ship it to me and I lived an entire week in the technical dark ages, where I had to spend my nights * talking * to people and * reading. * I was one step away from whittling soap by candlelight and talking about what a hard winter it had been.

The toddler twins I live with had their second birthday yesterday. It was wild. There was a puppet show, corndogs, and a helium tank. Which is basically all this girl needs for a good time. This is the cast of characters who attended:

These are the twins' friends. I KNOW. Have you ever seen this much diversity outside of a Fabric of Our Lives commercial? Also I would like to point out--if I may--the baby in the top middle. He's a total gangster. We're going to see him in a towncar one day wearing a dark suit and surrounded by foxy ladies. I hope he gives me a head tip even though I'll be roughly sixty by then.

I'm going back to work tomorrow! This marks my seventh day at a fantastic job with the San Francisco Opera. I'm going absolutely nuts over it. I hopehopehope it lasts for a long time not only because I adore it and look forward to going every day, but also because now the work bar has totally been raised and I'm afraid all future temp work is going to look * yawn * next to it. But how about this for one of the perks of temp work: your network becomes crazy diverse!

Hey! This is random, but I need advice. I'm in the market for a watch and don't know where to go. My old one--a fantastic plastic piece with dancing cows on it that I got at Octopus, the greatest shop in England ever--has officially called it a day. Now I live in a land without time and I feel slightly disoriented. Does anybody know a good place for watches of whimsical design?

Just now a freshly-bathed Timo came running up to me with a handful of hangers and I swear he looks taller than he did before his bath tonight. I mentioned this growth spurt to his mom, Sara, who calmly replied: 'We watered him.' 

Speaking of bath time, I think tomorrow is a Shower Day. I can usually tell Shower Day is approaching when I comb my fingers through my hair and it stays in place. So that's cool. I just wish Shower Day didn't also happen on a Work Day, because that means I have to wake up at an insane hour. And I love my sleep. In fact, I love my sleep more than I love my personal hygiene, which is why Shower Day is so rare and I'm so well-rested.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some mad carbonara to chow on (have I ever mentioned how much I love living with a professional chef?) and I've got to finish whittling this clipper ship I started last week. I heart you.


  1. LOL! Love it! The birthday, shower day...I'm totally with you on this one!...if I don't get my 10 hours in I'm a wreck ;)...The trip to Santa Cruz sounds wonderful! and the calmly spoken.."We watered him" still ROFL! What a wonderful life you're living! Enjoy your work week!

  2. gotta love funnel cakes at the Boardwalk!
    a whimsical watch? Japantown!

  3. We must be sisters! I totally get Shower Day - esp because I don't leave the house all that often AND I just sit on my couch all day working. If you don't move, you don't sweat, right?

  4. Try for unusual watches. I haven't found any with moving faces, good luck with that. I'm a new fan to your blog. Love your originality.

  5. Maria, thank you so much! I'll definitely check that out. I'm excited to see your new blog--will you start posting soon??