Sunday, November 9, 2014

Survival of the Fittest

YOUGUYS. We did it. We survived IKEA. We did not, however, build that bed at 9p.m. when we finally got home. We threw the mattress on the floor, covered it with the wrong-sized sheets (I was blind by the time we got to IKEA's linen section, heavens knows WHAT I got, also did you know all French pillows - and therefore pillowcases - are square, and flat sheets don't exist?), and crashed out with boxes of pizza on our stomachs and Gilmore Girls playing on the laptop. It was a day and a HALF.

Saturday was also a success*: much closer to home than Bordeaux's IKEA, Bergerac has an area that can best be described as Mueble Mile - furniture warehouse followed by appliance warehouse followed by cheesy home decor shop, over and over again. It was beautifully functional except EVERYTHING CLOSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. If you want to buy anything from 12:30 to 2:30, you are out of luck. So that was nice.  But before that closure, the kettle, toaster, and coffee grinder were won. THE STUFF OF SURVIVAL.

So we are getting there! Breakfast stools are in place, so now dining can occur at the kitchen island rather than the floor. A couch is had, thanks to Mueble Mile. Two lamps. That blasted built-at-last guest bed that I don't trust, because WHY ARE THERE EIGHT EXTRA SCREWS. By the time I noticed those - lounging around in their little plastic bag, looking all innocent - it was midnight and my hands were full of splinters and my back was screaming profanities, so EFF FIGURING THAT ONE OUT. THEY CANNOT BE IMPORTANT.**

That moment you hit a store's home office section, find the nearest chair on castors and have a spin session. Because you are on the brink of madness and this is the only answer.

Now I'm officially back in London-town, blogging from a laptop propped on my now-Thai-food-laden stomach, and already planning for the next adventure. Right after I finish burning these assembly instructions.

Big hugs and lots of love,

* I define these things loosely.
**You're welcome to the guest room whenever you like! 


  1. Woo hoo... On the way.. And yes all french bed linen is the wrong size..and the taps turn the wrong way... And everything is backwards.... So excited for u

  2. Fantastic, I can't wait to come back and see your new place!

  3. I'm usually quick to embrace multiculturalism and I love learning how other parts of the world do things differently (square pillows? how charming!), but a lot of Europe needs to get with the program regarding flat sheets. (They make laundry easier. Not to mention blanket forts! Try making a blanket fort WITH A FITTED SHEET. I dare you. Or worse: a comforter.)

    1. WAY easier! Plus I feel positively vulnerable when I have nothing between me and the comforter. Plus like I'm going to be washing THAT thing all the time?!

  4. P.S. Who is that handsome devil in your photo? That photo belongs in an IKEA catalog.