Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday, Bergerac-style

Youguys know what? I wrote this post on Wednesday. Remember Wednesday? Appliance Day? I had to write this earlier in the week because I knew I'd be out of town Friday through Sunday with no internet access and I have committed to posting every day and goshdarnit, internet or no internet, it shall be done.

Today's goal in France town is to get a refrigerator. No doubt at this moment a French salesman is getting frustrated at us because our French is appalling* and we think we're just going to carry a fridge off the showroom floor using our strapping backs and what's the problem? I probably have butter and cheese stored in the cellar and I'm hoping that's cool enough to survive. Then this afternoon we are having lunch with our builder. Did you know there's possibly a fireplace behind one of the living room walls? There is no way to confirm that, however, short of pulling the wall down. HERE WE GO, FRIENDS! The adventure begins.

In the absence of anything new until hopefully tomorrow, I leave you with this YouTube of fainting goats:

Big hugs and lots of love,

*I can only talk about apples.


  1. Learned something new about goats today. Done

    1. It's important to check these things off the list.

  2. That would be wonderful to discover a hidden fireplace! Good luck with that!