Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You are in luck today. I am so wiped out from my merry wanderings around Chester (according to my fitbit I walked 6.5 miles! Take THAT, David Kolonay!) that you are getting what has to be the world's shortest blog post. I barely know my own name right now, let alone how to string a coherent sentence together. 

But lest this be a truly futile gesture of a post, here are two little gems to make your visit (slightly more) worthwhile:

1. This gorgeous food blog that my sister-in-law Lesley just shared, full of yummy-looking recipes and even better photography. 

2. This picture from Chester: 

Clearly Voldemort's house.

Fun fact: did you know it's technically still legal in Chester to shoot any Welshman found inside the city walls after midnight? AS LONG AS YOU USE A BOW AND ARROW.

I will leave you with that to think on. 

Big hugs and lots of love,


  1. Looks like the police station on main street barrhead!

    1. Cool!! I'll have to check that out when we're up there this weekend!