Monday, October 27, 2014

On celeriac, DND, and a proper night out

I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying. - Oscar Wilde

OMGYOUGUYS. So this post was supposed to go out yesterday because everyone knows Sundays are Winning Blog Days and I might have actually gotten a comment that wasn't from my mom, but you know what? STUFF HAPPENS. I like to think that Mondays are the new Sundays, though, so let's carry on! *throwing on rucksack with a big harrumph* A lot is happening around here.

First item of note: we have officially met Downstairs Neighbor! His name is Duncan. DUNCAN! Downstairs Neighbor Duncan! Man. It just writes itself. DND is skinny and he has a girlfriend named Sari and she has dark hair and I already like them. Sari isn't moving in with him until January officially but she says she'll be visiting until then from her current abode in Balham because she likes to 'holiday' in Islington. Funny girl. Every day here is like a holiday, I see where she's coming from.

Second item: this is where you realise why I named the blog what I did. Because right now we are going to talk celeriac. CELERIAC. I hope you've still got that rucksack on, because this may be where you want to hoof it.

Last week I got the below celeriac in my veg box, and immediately my mom - who was in London for a day on a long layover - squealed, 'It has a smiley face!'
Seriously. I almost felt bad whacking his head in two. 

So then of course I had a celeriac to deal with, menu-wise. The rest of my veg box was easy to use - courgette frittata! buttered kale! juice up them carrots! Then this guy, with a face only my mother could love. Clearly it was soup o'clock. It was either that or a salad but with the weather turning cool, a salad just seemed so FRESH and SUMMERY and altogether WHY and also when it is cold outside, I don't know any better way to celebrate than smashing a whole bunch of vegetables together in a pot. 
Plus so many potatoes to use up. SO MANY POTATOES.

Speaking of my mom's layover: we had the LOVELIEST day together, it has got to be said. We wandered Covent Garden and Seven Dials and Carnaby Street and shopped and lunched and shopped some more and then we had the sort of sweet and nonsensical and funny chat that can only occur over a glass of wine and then returned home to pizza and a movie. I know, right! Just too much.
 Plus Neal's Yard treats everyone right. Though hey! This could be old news because I rarely make it down there, but did you know all the vegetarian cafes are closed? What on earth could possibly fill these retail spaces and remain simpatico to the spirit of the place? I hope they fill well.  *News Break over and out.*

And last but not least: Saturday night I went to a hen do! This is Brit-speak for 'bachelorette party' and after games at the bride's home (all served by a male model wearing nothing but an apron, aptly named 'Will,' which I totally wouldn't have believed for a second except he did LOOK like a Will, all ginger-shortbread-on-a-porcelain-plate) and dinner at Cafe Boheme, we went dancing and it was such fun it made me wonder why I don't go dancing more often* and also now I am looking forward to the wedding because More Dancing.

This should really say it all. I was wearing flats like the sexy thing I am. But they were GOLD, because PARTY.

Coming up soon! Chris O'Dowd and fennel. It's gonna get so real up in here.

Big hugs and lots of love,

*I suspect it is because I'm in bed by ten every night. Why can't there be any DAYtime night clubs? Dayclubs. Someone get on that. Also, make sure it has a buffet.


  1. Brilliance. "all ginger-shortbread-on-a-porcelain-plate"

  2. It truly was a wonderful day, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    I can't believe you chopped up Mr. Celeriac! Poor guy!

  3. I have never heard of celeriac. Is it like celery?

    1. It is! It's a root veg with a celery-like flavor and can be used like a potato (mashed, chipped, gratined, souped) but it's even MORE versatile because you can also have it raw like in a salad or remoulade. Who KNEW? TASTY TASTY.