Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now to find my mittens.

It's a big day! Notably, my last day at my computer for some time. Right now I should be packing for a night-time flight to Munich-town. This doesn't seem urgent, though. I mean, what do I need? Jeans, boots, coat? I can WEAR all that.

I'm really hoping the Christmas markets will be like that awesome one in Chicago that I went to years ago on my road trip (I still have my mug in the shape of a boot!) or the fantastic one I went to here in London a couple weeks ago, Winter Wonderland (motto: 'We look just like a German Christmas market, if you don't look too closely'). 

These are GERMAN crepes. Don't be so uptight.

They even had curry sausages. Also of German origin.

This is Anna. She is awesome. She is not German, but she totally could be with her rockin' Bavarian style.

Bratwurst. By far the best part of Winter Wonderland, other than Anna's hat.  My love, my heart, get in my belly.  

I can't wait for the shopping. I clearly need a wooden Santa that smokes when you light incense inside him and maybe an elf to sit on my shelf but one that doesn't report to Santa because he's gone rogue and also I think I'd like to try and find a snowflake ornament that's tucked inside a snow globe ornament inside a reindeer ornament all dangling from a sprig of holly in a wreath around the neck of a bigger reindeer ornament. That would be perfect.

I look forward to seeing you soon! I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Love and hugs,


  1. A VERY merry Christmas to you!!! xoxop.s. LOVE Anna's hat! Gotta get me one of those :)p.s.s. and when you find that special snowflake/snow globe/reindeer/bigger reindeer ornament, I want a picture of it!!p.s.s.s. Do they really have pipe smoking Santas ?!?! How awesome!

  2. Wow - have a great time in proper Winter Wonderland!!  Hope you manage to find a Smokin' Santa complete with hookah and trinkets and snowflakes and gluhweiny bratwursty stolleny Christmassy goodness :)    xx

  3. I'd never even heard of a German Christmas market.  I wonder if they have them here?  I guess I would need a fur hat if they do.

  4. Can you believe all of Mom's PSes? LOL! I hope you have a blast at your market and find what you are looking for and maybe something you're not but absolutely love anyway! :)