Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You should see my shopping list.

I'm going to America tomorrow. I'M GOING TO AMERICA TOMORROW!! I don't know if that's okay to say. I had a girlfriend come visit me here in London once and she spent half her time on Facebook pretending to be home so people wouldn't know she was gone and try to break into her house. I don't know what kinds of friends she has.

That said, don't break into my house while I'm away. I'm totally home. 

But if I WEREN'T home these next couple of weeks, I'd be in Chicago! And then Tulsa! And then--* pitter patter *--SAN FRANCISCO! Did your head just explode? Mine did. Please, someone gather up my gray matter and push it back in. I am so excited!

All the things I am looking forward to:

 A walk along Lake Michigan

My beautiful nieces!

Everything else.

And in closer-to-London news, I got a job! Well, sort of three. You know, when it rains and all. But two are unpaid, so I like to think those are just for 'fun'--one is that internship for the literary publicist, one is a potential readership for a book agent, and one is contract work as an admin assistant! (That's the paid gig, since we all know admin is my x-power.) And of course I cleverly timed everything to start at the same time as my classes, because what is life if not overbooked?

I would love to stay and talk but I really should get back to my trip preparation. I've done the laundry and cleaning and travel document organization, so now all I have to do is pack and eat all the food in the fridge. YES!

Big hugs and lots of love and see you soon,


  1. See you in 72 hours for a Chicago culinary adventure!  Have a safe flight to, uh, nowhere since you're staying home.  Guess I will send you my photos of digi-roni at sites around Chicago.

  2. SF!!!! Really!? Maaaaybe I'll get to see you :)

  3. I like the "boys of summer" pic in the bottom right of the SF collage...niiiiiiice!

  4. Darn! I wish I could join you and LA in Chicago! 

  5. Have a fantastic time ^_^  Looking forward to the immense photo blog after your trip "at home" - are you going for one of those out of body experiences? ;P

  6. Congrats on the job(s)! I lost mine. Boo!  But yay, you're going Stateside! (This is like an emotional rollercoaster.) I wanna know your shopping list. All throughout the year I think, I need to bring back  ____ next time I go to the States, and then by the time I go, I always forget what's on the list!  Oh, I know you know Tulsa like the back of your favourite sci-fi or children's lit (smirk), but there was a pretty thorough run-down of all the best places to go over on Design Sponge this week. Kinda made me wish I had a reason to go back for a visit.

  7. Heather, that would be awesome!! I'm still working out my return flight, but if it times out, maybe we can hang out at the famer's market on Saturday morning!!

  8. Isn't that great?? I think it's one of my favorites!!

  9. I wish you could've, too! Whenever I go to NYC, maybe you can meet me there??

  10. * yes please * Maybe I can come during my fall break this semester!!

  11. Boo! That's ridic! I'll forward you my list. It's pretty embarrassing--I miss the weirdest, most shameful things EVER. 

    p.s. I found the Design Sponge article you mentioned and let me tell you--it turns out I don't know Tulsa AT ALL. We ended up going to one of the restaurants on the list--the Mexican one with the rooftop terrace downtown--and it was GORGEOUS! Then we toured some of the design shops and it was too much fun. I can't thank you enough for referring that to me, it totally changed my time home in such a lovely way!

  12. I am unreasonably tickled that that article was helpful! I remember
    thinking, after I'd read it, that I'd positively wasted my years there!
    Granted, only one of those years did I have a car. But still.

    So glad you found something new and delightful in your own back yard!