Monday, March 28, 2011

On a new blog feature, bowling, and Edinburgh Castle

So this morning I helped a friend of mine install some widgets and plug-ins and other such funtimes on her blog and while skipping around internet tutorials, I discovered that I could install a third-party commenting platform to my blog which would enable me to respond in-line to comments! (I know--I just revealed how behind I am in the blogging world. Don't judge me. And wordpressers and typepadders, don't you dare gloat.)  I scoped out review after review and finally decided to try one called Disqus. So if you go to leave a comment today, you'll see that it's a little different now, and I hope that's okay. If you find it difficult to use, please let me know; I'm happy to switch back to blogger's basic commenting system if that's the majority preference. Oh! And if you post as a 'guest' (versus, say, using your facebook profile), don't be alarmed when it asks you for your email; the information isn't displayed. I know, because I tested the new system by personally posting a dozen different comments with a dozen different log-ins, just to see what they all looked like. 

Because I apparently have loads of time like that.

Did you know right now at the Barbican there's this exhibit called Beat the Champ involving bowling video games? Ranging in history from the 70's Atari to the most current playstation/x-box/whatever, this guy created a loop on each machine to make it play a recurring gutter ball on a giant screen. It's awesome. It's also crazy how different each one is--from the sounds to the graphics to the varying degrees of the 'you are a FAILURE!' message. Check it out:

She was really good. Even though she got a gutter ball.

And now one last thing before I go tackle my laser-cutting homework. Which of the two below do you like better? Both are of Edinburgh Castle and I can't decide if I like the building in it or out:

Although this one is the clear winner:

Big hugs, and I hope your day was as productive as mine,


  1. You didn't get my church in the picture (St. Cuthberts, just NW of the castle). I like the photo with the building.

  2. Can I be perfectly honest about the pics? My very humble opinion of course...I would like the bottom one more if the greenish hue of the top one was present. Does that make any sense???
    Like the one below.

  3. Really?? That was your church?! That's it: the object of my next Edinburgh photo session.

  4. commenting just for YOU! waiting and holding my breath until you reply.

    have a good MONDAY evening!


    a typepadder

  5. Wooo hoooo! I love it!

  6. Look at you, incorporating photos into your comment! I know exactly what you mean, and I think I agree that the hues on the top are prettier. Funny enough, that effect was naturally occurring and I didn't apply any color to it! Though perhaps now I should on the bottom.

  7. Wooo hooooo! Look at me go! I feel drunk with power and possibility.

  8. Burger time on atari was my favorite. I don't think we had a bowling game.
    I think I like the second photo best

  9. I've been to that bowling games exhibition too at the Barbican too! It took me back to the days when I used to play games like that on the Gameboy!!!! How pixelated the world used to be!!!

    Personally, I prefer the bottom picture of the castle alone...for some reason, I feel like the castle is staring out into the night to its right and keeping an eye out for invaders with its little companion (the smaller building in the bottom right)...but then I may have just watched too many bizarre animated movies that have caused me to develop an anthropomorphic view of the world!!!

  10. Do you live in London? We should plan to hit the same exhibit at the same time one of these days! I'm going to the Wim Crouwel opening at the Design Museum this Friday night--so excited!

    p.s. You can never watch too many bizarre animated movies. ;)

  11. Oh shoot - I should really check whether people reply to replies :P Yes, Londoner am I!!! Sometimes you can find me and my friend in the British museum on a Friday night sketching...badly... :P I'm only now getting the chance to explore London, her museums, the markets and the one million other things that are going on here (even though I've been here for over five years now!!!). That exhibit sounds interesting! I'll try and find some time to check it out! (Plus I've never been to the design museum - how awful is that??). Yeah - we should hit an exhibit - it'll be interesting to go with an expert :)

    And yes, bizarre animated movies are the best!

  12. I like the new comments feature and photo #2!

  13. Wonderful photos. I like the last one very much, it is very cheerful and interesting. You look happy! :)

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