Friday, January 28, 2011

On Mexico, Museums, and Millinery: It's Alliteration Friday

These are absolutely mad pairings, but in an attempt to cover three weeks of activity in three pictures, some jarring must be done. You'll go from the peaceful tranquility of a beach to a cold and windy night in London in the span of about five seconds, and for that I apologize.

But here we go!

You see this lovely beach? This was my home in Mexico last week. It was * amazing. * The first day was gorgeous and blustery and all the consequent days were sunny and hot and just...perfect. They asked for nothing more than a good book in a lounge chair, which I happily obliged. 

And then the return to London four days ago. I somehow thought that in my time away an entire season had passed (my vacation was that leisurely and drawn out) and that I would return to a balmy pre-spring 50-something, but instead there's been a recent cold snap and the wind is even more biting than before. My defences against it are woefully inadequate. I'm constantly finding chores to do around the house so as to avoid going out.  (Errands wha? Look at that piling of ironing!)

On Wednesday night, though, I had tickets to see Stephen Jones at the Design Museum, and no cold front was going to keep me from that front row.

Despite the wind whipping off the Thames so fiercely that it made me understand why people curl up in the snow to die, I couldn't resist stopping to take a photo...I love Tower Bridge.  It makes me think of princesses and castles and wedding cakes.

The event at the Design Museum was a conversation between Colin McDowell and milliner Stephen Jones. The closest I've ever come to a milliner is my sister, who knits fantastic hats. And Stephen Jones was a glorious piece of work. He and Colin (I'm totally on a first-name basis now) gossiped wickedly away about fashion industry peers, Stephen's design process, and who said what to who at that one show that one time and ohhhh was she mad! They kept stopping guiltily in the course of these stories--'oh, I shouldn't say this'--and then after a second pause, with a small laugh--'well, what can it hurt? So THEN she...' The entire audience was in stitches. And the whole thing made me want to sprint right down to his shop at Covent Garden and spend a thousand pounds on a hat for the races. The races that I don't go to, but will once I get my hat.

Isn't he dapper? He was also wearing some knock-out lavender shoes that I regretfully didn't get in this photo.

I've got to jet now, but here's one more picture for the road. Big hugs,


  1. mmhhhmmmmm.... mexico. you were so close!
    Love the tower bridge photo!

  2. hi
    i'm a stranger from canada and happened upon your blog. i like it.
    may i ask where in mexico?

  3. Hi Dawn! It was Cancun! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

    Deee, once I realized I was in Central Standard Time, it was all I could not to jump on a plane and yell 'Two more zones west!'

  4. I never fancied myself as a milliner but how sweet of you! If I ever get time, I'll knit you a spring hat!

  5. Once again awesome pics! Love the last one, the split personality of it is just stupendous!

  6. I've knit hats, and I've also fashioned one from wool felt. Does that make me a milliner? I hope so. I'm in desperate need of a new way to define myself.

    I'm glad to see you're doing well.

  7. Alissa--you'd better!!

    Mom--I love that one, too!

    Gina, you are TOTALLY a milliner. Knit hats AND wool felt! You should be Stephen's apprentice. He'd love you.