Monday, November 8, 2010

Only in America

I GOT A PACKAGE! I GOT A PACKAGE! Words cannot express how happy this makes me. Sandwiched between Indian menus and cab cards was personal mail! I LOVE PERSONAL MAIL! And then when I opened it--and by 'opened,' I mean 'frantically shredded,' it JUST GOT BETTER: I received an item that can best be described as 'Only in America.'  Jenn, * you * * complete * * me. *

This is a PEPPER grill. A PEPPER GRILL! For all those wonderful jalapeƱos that you love to stuff with yummy oozy things and bake. I know I'm not alone here in my pepper-filled-love. And while yes, technically I didn't know this * existed * just a few days ago, I now can't imagine how I ever lived without it.  Prior to this I had to cross-section my peppers (think little jalapeƱo canoes) and it was always a big drippy mess, but now I can stick the peppers in upright! OH THE POSSIBILITIES! I think I need to have a party  and serve nothing but peppers JUST BECAUSE I CAN.

It also doubles as a cookbook holder.

Speaking of international treats, Aya came over yesterday so we could work on our latest project together (more model-making, oh yes) and brought this lovely Japanese dessert! 

They're chewy rice balls covered in this caramel-esque glaze that Aya made with soy sauce, sugar, and some corn starch. Hea-ven-ly.

I'm off now! Aya's returning to the wreckage that is our craft for a few more hours of slave laboring. * sigh * * but a happy one, because at least a friend will be here *

Big hugs and love,

*This is a banner week. Mon amie, I got your picture of Elena! Now she is totally on glorious display on my favorite living room shelf, right next to the photo of me and you holding her at the farmer's market. She makes the room so bright!


  1. So, do you stick your peppers in this upright? I'm a little confused. Also confused because I read pepper "girl" instead of pepper grill. Thought it was some type of decal. Ok, gotcha!
    Glad you got the pic! Wish you could take our Christmas photo. Kisses!

  2. Mon amie, you DO stick the peppers in upright! I think I need to add that into the blog text--my mom had the same question.


    Can't wait to see the Christmas card--I hope you all wear matching sweaters!

  3. matching monogramed sweaters, I think...

  4. Wow. Those chewy rice balls look interesting. Who doesn't love personal mail. Yea for Tuesdays and parcels!