Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Farmer's Table: off the ground and running like mad

The past few weeks have been the launch of a little sum'in sum'in Alison and I are doing called 'The Farmers' Table' (or rather, we are like guest-hostesses while the Table's original creator, a certain dapper gentleman named Peter, is away holidaying on the shores of Lake Michigan for the season). The Farmer's Table--in a nutshell--is a sort of gathering place for friends at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. We shop around the local farmers for the best cherries strawberries nectarines flowers cheese meat and then we set up a sweet mamma jamma spread with all of our goodies, adorned by the best chutney in town and bubbly Drinkwell soda, and our guests come laden with other treasures from their shopping--crusty bread or caviar or proscuitto, or in the case of the lovely Renee, the best organic, homemade quiches you've ever tasted. And as friends gather and the morning grows, it swells into this festive noisy food table friends chattering local affair. In other words: wonderful.

(The top right photo is of the red rings left behind from a colander of juicy raspberries.)

These mushrooms from Far West Fungi tasted like rain on top of a slice of heaven.

If you're ever around, do join us! Contact me for the Table's location and I'll make sure a seat is saved for you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the Opera to see The Girl of the Golden West! I'm so psyched and I'm totally going to take pictures during the press party if I don't crumple under the weight of my need to look super hip, and then I'm going to post them here, and then I'm going to get in trouble for it because that's how I roll.

See you soon!


  1. Would love to join you at the Farmer's Table, sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning!

    Those cherries look scruptious!


  2. hey i love you used MY "saturday morning is the new saturday night" - i think we're on to something.....
    your pictures are fantastic - see you tomorrow!

  3. I want to come..... love the pictures mx

  4. Oh my, sounds divine! Everything's better with Alison's chutneys on it--would love to join you sometime...

  5. Stephanie, you must! Also, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Your writing is so gorgeous. * blissful sigh * * diving back into it *