Monday, February 8, 2010

on white castle, rocking chairs, and male models

So I'm watching the superbowl right now. And by 'watching,' I mean, 'eating nachos and doing a blog post while it roars mildly in the background.' Of course I pause when the commercials come on--they really ARE the best part of the game--but the rest of it? * no idea *

Sara, my professional chef super-rad roommate, made white castle burgers for a pre-nachos snack. That's right: a pre-nachos SNACK. I love it when burgers are an appetizer and nachos are a meal. And I'll bet you didn't know you could make white castle burgers at home. But you can, and I'm not lying when I say they're even better than the real deal. I ate at least three. Maybe four. Maybe even five, but let's not talk about that here.

Speaking of Sara's cooking: check out these bbq'd ribs we had for dinner the other night, along with baked beans-and-bacon and biscuits. It was heaven:

And tonight we're having Korean tofu soup. Also made from scratch. I'm so psyched I can barely handle it. I haven't had tofu soup since I used to tutor a Korean girl and got paid in food. And Sara's doing all this while feeding toddler twins, changing toddler twins, playing games with toddler twins, and navigating a kitchen with toddler twins around her ankles. I don't know HOW she does it. Pretty much all Young and I do is holler at her to get out of the way when she's blocking our commercials while scrubbing down the coffee table.

It was absolutely gorgeous out today--sunny, warm, all things that make California awesome. If it's similar tomorrow, I'm leaving this computer and heading to the beach and catching up on some reading. I'm checking out too many books from the library--for every book I finish, there are three more I want to try--and now I've got more piled up than I can possibly read. This is a GOOD problem to have, but one that has to be solved nonetheless.

Let me share with you--while I'm on the subject of amazing people--a couple more 'I can't believe she is my friend' stories: my friend Deee--while pregnant--has just re-designed an entire rocking chair for her nursery. She learned how to make the cushions in a matter of minutes, she primed stuff, she painted. Just LOOK at this picture of the before-and-after. Of course, I'm not REALLY surprised at her supreme hand-craftiness--after all, she WAS the inspiration behind our Wind-Up Bird business. But seriously. She's now accomplishing her mega-feats while a sixteen-inch-baby incubates inside her. She's building chairs and growing ears, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And then there's TB, my Jamaican sweetpea, who not only just got an offer for a completely-covered ph'd from UC Davis for her work in mathematics-in-literature, but also got pulled up on stage last Saturday night for a dance with the guy in the middle of the photo below. I don't know what to be more impressed by:

I'll just leave you with this photo. You're welcome.


  1. Science and literature, would be slightly more accurate... more general anyway. And yeah, Andre (man in the middle) can be located on FB, and Rawsoul is his clothing line. (Am I allowed to type that here?) Anyway, yeah it was quite the experience. I could think of worse ways of spending a Saturday night.

  2. obtuse and acute angles. i have broken this image down to protect myself.

  3. Wow! That's all I have to say about that!

  4. Oh,how about yummy! That pretty much covers the whole blog! hehe

  5. I have to say I'm more impressed by dancing with male models than recovering a cushion!