Monday, January 18, 2010

On the many reasons you should hire me.

So I just spent several laborious hours updating my resume so that I can get some temp work while I'm here in San Francisco. I examined my tab settings and hanging indents, I leaded and kerned heaven out of the text to make it all fit neatly onto one page, and I checked and checked and checked again to make sure my verb tenses and punctuation and heading and text styles were consistent.  Finally satisfied that what I had before me was a full and flawless work, I hit 'send' to the temp agent with whom I'm in communication.

And then I realized that just two days ago I added my blog link to my email signature.

Oh, yes. I just sent my blog to a prospective employer. So that's awesome. Because if you come here, it looks like I play with toys all day. That is, when I'm not busy checking out my derriere in the mirror. So--just in case my possible temp company pays a visit here--I'd like to point out that in addition to these very edifying hobbies, I also enjoy the opera! At least I do when it's my friend performing, as in the below. And I also like live music! At least, when it's my friend's band and it's jazzy and funky and soul-y and super awesome and goosebump good. And sometimes, on Sunday afternoons, I go to barbeques and play pictionary and if you want, I'll show you how to draw 'walk like an Egyptian.' But I can't show you how to draw hippie hill, because that's harder. 

I should also point out that I was my high school valedictorian. And lest you think that just means I peaked young, I would also like you to know that I know the word for 'sea turtle' in sign language. That's right. Imagine how often that comes in handy. Also, just for a good time, I like to visit orphans and make them balloon animals. But don't ask me to make you one. Because that's not what they're for. Also, I am a WONDERFUL roommate. And I have mad skills in the kitchen. I can make complex things, like monkey bread. Offices LOVE monkey bread. You will, too, once I bring you some.

There you have it: I'm pretty much the most employable person you'll ever meet. So you don't have to bother scrolling down to check out the rest of my blog. This post really says it all.


  1. Oh, yes, you are definitely employable in my ever-so-humble opinion!

  2. they'd be lucky to have you! i'd better hire you in the kitchen while i can!!

  3. the renaissance woman, I agree! Hire Rona!!!

  4. So unequivocally employable! This is my word for the day - unequivocally = without exception; completely; wholly; entirely:.
    Yes,I think that says it all!

  5. As I am reading, I laughed out loud.
    Mia said, Dad what's so funny? I said, well my friend Sharona has pink hair and she has a job interview to go on today. She didn't plan on her hair being pink, but she is making it work for her.
    She said "I think she will get the job", I asked her why do you say that?
    She responds, "Because, I bet she looks like a beautiful fairy"...So, if it was up to Mia, You're hired! Good Luck Sharona - m

  6. haha! I AM a beautiful fairy! Tell Mia I'll grant her any wish she likes.