Saturday, October 30, 2010

On poetry, art, and why my blog is wack-tastic right now.

So I tried (am trying?) to get a custom domain to update my blogger address to just 'TodayIWroteNothing dot com' and now, four days later, the domain is still marked as 'not found,' and now my blog is all screwy. Apologies to those who have told me they've had trouble leaving comments--I'm sorry! (Notably because I need comments to survive.)  (No, really.)

Now I'm going to compose a little poem about how this whole ordeal has made me feel:

Ode to My Custom Domain

I tried to get a custom domain
Only ten dollars, they said!
But now it turns out to be super lame
I should have just stayed in bed.

See if I try to upgrade again
It's been nothing but a big mess
I'm going back to the good old days
When whether to bathe was my only stress.

Thank you.

And now for something that makes me happy happy: the drawings I received to use for my homework! I know what you're thinking as you scroll through the below: 'Sharona, that it way better than anything you could ever produce.'

Katymylove drew this log(superfluous hyphen)cabin. I had NO idea that all this time she was hiding such mad skunk-drawing skills. And Katy, if you ever decide to retire as an opera singer, you should DEFINITELY consider architecture.

OMG WILD CARD!! This is from Maria, my new favorite Kansas-City-ian. It is 'a human, a book, and a treasure box.' All of my favorite things! Maria, * you * * complete * * me *

And last, but not's Lealea's picture! Well, okay, not * really * Lealea as much as her friend Anna, who can wield crayolas like nothing I've ever seen. I don't know WHY my art teacher didn't put those on our supply list as a rightful medium.

Ladies, your prizes are on their way! My drawing teacher is going to be so proud...


  1. :) Mhm, thats my drawing! So proud.

  2. ooooh! I can comment now!
    A human, a book, a treasure box and what is the small dot in the corner? A fly?

  3. Anna, you SHOULD be. :)

    Deee, I like to think it's a lucky star, because then the picture really DOES include all of my favorite things!

    Okie--YOU WERE RIGHT!! One of google's power-posters told me how to fix it and now it's working perfectly! This is so lovely! It was only a matter of time...also, I'm with you on the squirrel lizard.

  4. I'm so glad my squirrel lizard made such an impression. His name is Floyd.