Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear chair: I still don't want to be your friend, but maybe you're not entirely deserving of death

I'm slowly forgiving the chairs for their terrible, atrocious behavior last week. We're healing somewhat; making tentative friends. Not CLOSE friends, mind you. But we can say hi on the street now and it feels okay. The second years and third year in my group gave Aya and me some invaluable tips and the difference in our construction was like night and early morning.

In other related news, I have a school friend! Her name is Aya and she's from Japan and I love her. She's tiny. Like even by Japanese standards tiny. (She told us so.) And she's teaching me Japanese. So far I know the words for rhino, elephant, and bee. Apparently I'm headed for some sort of Japanese safari. Look how fantastic she is. This is her ALL THE TIME:

Aya-ya! Guess how old she is? You'll never guess.

This is another one of my new favorite people! You can call her Dom--it's short for Dominique, or Dom-Dom. She has got the greatest little English accent and she's about as tiny as Aya. It's like I'm collecting people that can fit in my pockets. She is also HYSTERICAL. Look at that face and tell me it's not someone who knows how to have fun:

I've got to jet now--it's the first time all week I've been able to make dinner before 9 p.m. and I am THRILLED. And maybe--I don't know, I don't want to go crazy here--I may even sit on the couch and watch the TELEVISION. I know, I know. I'm losing control. 

Big hugs and talk to you soon!

P.S. I've got a small job for the weekend! I'll be doing some marketing at my local taqueria's food kiosk at the London Restaurant Festival! I knew eating all those burritos would pay off...


  1. Your chairs are great! I can't tell how big the black chair is compared to the first one... are they both three inches tall? Or can you actually use it?
    Your new friends look very stylish and fun!

  2. I hate to tell you this, but you are kind of tiny yourself! I'm so jealous that you are having all of this fun in London. I wish I could just pop over sometime and hang out! It was so good to see you in Oklahoma. I could use some more Sharona in my life.

  3. Julia, we could all use some Sharona in our lives!

  4. Love that you are making new friends. haha you collect friends the way that the rest of us, meaning me, collect pocket lint! the second set of chair pics, is the tannish one facing backward? In the first set I realize that they are upside down but the tannish one looks comfy to me this way. Sort of a rocking, butt cushioning laid back kinda chair. HA but listen to me I'm no furniture designer!
    I agree with the rest of the commentors, we could all use more Sharona in our lives!!

  5. Julia is right: you are tiny, too, and well on your way to establishing a teeny-tiny united colors of benetton brigade. so happy you have school friends...yay!!! loves!!

  6. Deee, the black ones are also 1:5 models! I wish they were life-sized; I'd love to have one!

    Julia--you SHOULD pop over and hang out!! ;)

    OKVA--thanks! :)

    Mom--good eye! The chair is actually reversible! It's a rocker on one side and a normal chair on the other! The brilliant stroke of our team leader...

    Katy--united colors of benetton brigade! HAHA! That's exactly what it's like!!