Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ringing in the New Year, French-style


We are back in France. We arrived on Wednesday for a week of Ultimate Relaxation and we're on top of the game: we got enough food at the market to survive a nuclear winter and enough kindling to burn a witch. NOTHING will get in the way of our slippers, our fireplace, and our new years diet of all-day-grazing. It is officially GO TIME. (If by 'go,' we mean 'stop.)

Can I talk about these clementines for a second? There are not WORDS for how sweet these are. They were so ripe the bag itself was sticky from nectar oozing out of their skins. They're so soft you can squeeze them nearly flat (if you don't mind tempting an explosion). When you pop a wedge in your mouth, it's like a juicy citrus sugar bomb goes off and arghoushoqlahoalw

Obligatory Cheese and Charcuterie Board pic. That dried duck though! Why doesn't EVERY place sell duck jerky? They put it on salads here and call it Salade Perigord, the French's nod to healthy eating.

Youguys remember The Great Argentina Road Trip of Death? One thing made it worth it: this llama wool rug we got that's currently in our guest room here. Just LOOK at its thickness, its rough-soft handmade perfection. I can't wait for your feet to touch it when you come visit:
Also check out the view of the church's stained glass windows next door! When those bells go off at seven, this room just SINGS. You will LOVE it.

And now for random Fun Times Photos:

The Dordogne and stuff.

The church in nearby village Beaumont. BEAUMONT! All he wanted to do was dance!

Bergerac, acting all festive with the Christmas lights up, even while everything was shut. And I mean EVERYthing. Don't come here for New Year's Eve, youguys. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's bubble bath time! Happy Sunday!

Big hugs and lots of love,

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