Thursday, October 30, 2014

There's a picture of Paris in here, so that has to count for something.

OMGYOUGUYS. I don't know if you've noticed, but we are back to the Old Blogger layout. Mostly because ARRRGGHHHH WIDGETS and UGGGGHHHH FUNCTIONALITY and all those other petty concerns that make a blog run. So while it's not as sexy sexy, at least it works and for today that's the kind of pony I want to ride. (Well, technically, I'd like to saunter on the Wordpress stallion, but the whole importing-tagging-domain-seo-drama is just too much for me, so the pony it is.)

On the BRIGHT side, you can now subscribe via email! See that button on the right? You should totally use that; it's way better than FB as a means of knowing when I've posted. Plus then during the month of November when I'm on here EVERY FIVE MINUTES, you'll wake up each morning to a little ping in your mailbox and isn't that a nice way to start the day? All the manic you can hold, before you've even left the bathroom!

IN OTHER NEWS, I have got a HEAD cold. Like straight-up rock-in-throat fever dreams. It's pretty tight because HELLOOOOO Nyquil, love of my heart, but it also means that I have been homebound for the past couple of days. So that's been fun. Check out all the ironing I've done. I'll be totally better tomorrow, though, I can feel it. Plus the WEEKEND. We have got priorities.

SPEAKING OF - we've got tickets to Our Town tomorrow night! I love plays, they are just too much. And they don't generally involve any pesky ballads that I may or may not fall asleep during (I'm looking at you, Lion King). I particularly love plays at the Almeida Theatre because one, it is on our doorstep along with a million lovely little restaurants which just makes for a super sweet night out, but also because it's such a tiny brilliant venue that no matter where you sit, you feel mildly concerned that the actors could - at any moment - wind up in your lap. It's wonderfully alarming, which all good plays should be. Also they get all the best productions before they go West End. Triple threat!

I found this photo when I was looking for a new masthead image and thought 'Hey, at least it's not Lake Garda!' 

Okay, I'll see you again on Saturday! I can't believe it's almost November. You are going to be getting some dodgy posts soon. Apologies in advance. Don't forget to subscribe! 

Big hugs and lots of love,

p.s. I hope you don't mind the new masthead. I tried and tried to find the original file of the previous masthead so I could re-shape and -size it, but no luck. I'll keep trying, though! I do so love this image.


  1. YAY for more posts. But sorry you're sick.
    I misread something in your post as saying you'd soon be posting "edgy" posts and the real word was "dodgy". I like to think instead you'll be writing edgy posts. Go to the edge. And feel better soon!

  2. I like the new masthead. Very misty and ethereal but still earthy and solid. Not unlike you....

    1. BAHAHA! I AM SO EARTHY AND SOLID. Namely, solid.

  3. Welcome back old friend, Formatting

  4. 'Triple threat'???!!! Hope you meant 'treat'!!! Sorry to highlight such a minor typo but it did make me giggle ;) lovin' your work, btw. C x

    1. haha! I actually did mean threat, but man, treat would've been so much better! Hmmmm...maybe nobody will notice a revision...