Thursday, March 8, 2012

On roads, castles, dragons, and towers.

To make up for all those words in my last post, I'm making this one pretty much photo-only. Also, words don't always make sense to me or line up the way they should, so when they decide to play puppies-in-a-box like they have today, I have to let them be. 

This is a path called The Long Walk. It's at Windsor Castle and it's lovely.

Coming from the other direction, you see this: 

One thing I often forget to do when I'm in a beautiful place is turn around. It doesn't matter where I am or what the setting is. If I have a camera in hand, I have to look backwards as often as forwards. For some reason this is difficult for me to remember. I am always moving.

Speaking of turning around: I had a wonderful long reminiscence with my old college roommate today, and it was exactly what I needed. My whole day has taken on a much nicer spirit since our chat. 

And speaking of looking forward: I like this picture because the Shard looks like it's right next door to the Tower of London rather than across and down the river. I don't think I realised how truly big it was until I took this. I can't wait for it to open. 

Until next time,

Big hugs and lots of love, 


  1. When you do write "words" Ms Sharona, you write very well. Sometimes your words act as a photograph of you & we get this feeling we're looking at an image of you "stopped" even it it's only for a few quick moments...

  2. That last photo is stunning.

  3. EEEE!!!!  So excited!!!  I can't wait to go to Windsor ^_^  It looks beautiful!  Also I would recommend looking up especially on London's many high streets.  So many buildings have such beautiful architecture hidden at street level by the garishness of modern day shop fronts.  

  4. As usual I love all of them, but I especially love The Long Walk! The mystery of not knowing what's at the end, I think it would become a run as the anticipation built! :)  

  5. I'm so glad you like it! For some reason I get a very 'post-apocalyptic' feeling from it. 

  6. I can't wait to return to Windsor! Come, Spring! Come! Great tip on looking up--that's something else I don't do enough of! 

  7. So true! And then if you're me, that run would rapidly devolve back into a walk, bent over gasping for breath and clutching my side. so...gasp...beautiful...

  8. Beautiful images. Thanks for reminding me to turn around every now and then and look behind me!

  9. I'm so glad you like them! Your blog is lovely, by the way!