Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I feel smarter already

I'll be the first to admit that my local library system isn't the greatest in the world. The book selection--council-wide--is poor, the books themselves are in pretty rough and grubby condition, and half the staff seems to be on a day loan from some sort of insane asylum. 

But today they officially won me over. Do you know what they're doing for the months of December and January? A 'lucky dip' loaner! If you are willing to check out a book without knowing what it is--there is a box full of books wrapped in paper--you get a DVD voucher! I'd go for this even WITHOUT the voucher. What a fun idea! A mystery book! They say it is to get people to branch out of their usual reading and try something new. I think this is fantastic--it's creative, it's unconventional--it's all things a good library should be. I couldn't jump into that blue plastic bin fast enough.

And after much fondling and shaking and weight-testing my dozen options, I picked out lucky number 29.

I got home with my paper-wrapped book, eager to see what the Islington library thought would be a good out-of-the-ordinary read.

Um...alarming start, but maybe The Handmaid's Tale has undergone a recent reprinting or something! After all, the library surely wouldn't be encouraging people to read new books that wouldn't benefit our literary souls? 

I kid you not.

I can't wait to do it again.


  1. You should avoid Ms. Fallon's other book. It is a bomb.



  2. I love this - our library does it for grown ups and kids - good fun

  3. I wonder what that'll do for your literary soul?

  4. I'm so going to tell my reader's advisory class about this.

  5. ROFL!!!!! That is fantastic! Ya gotta love it!

  6. Is that branching out of your typical reading?

  7. Sharona, that just gave me THE laugh of the day. Great idea, though.

  8. Love the lucky dip...