Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On temping, pork, the polish, and ELENA CAMILLE!!

You remember back when I temped at the Opera, and how awesome that was? Yeah. That was AWESOME. I could've danced all night at that place. Not that my current temp job isn't awesome. Because now I can harass my roommate all day, and that's rad. And I get to do loads of fun stuff, like populate slides, and test logics, and that's pretty...oh, wait.
In other news, Dinana has recently sent me a link to The Great and Secret Thing, which is this, and particular she wanted me to see this, and it is about Our Hero the Traveler. He is amazing and I now love this site and I think someday I may want to have blog-babies with it.

As you may already know, last week was Cinco de Mayo, which--much like St. Patrick's Day--is in the top Holidays of Other Cultures that San Franciscans Love Because It Means Drinking a Lot and Eating Awesome Food. And in classic style, it involved lots of conversations about where one was celebrating. I--as is my wont on such occasions--headed straight for the homestead, where Sara was slow-cooking the BEST PULLED PORK ON THE PLANET for the Tacos From Heaven. Have I ever mentioned how much I love living with a professional chef? I don't know if I have. And then the night after that, she made her own Carolina-style bbq sauce (vinegar-based with brown sugar, butter, molasses, and red pepper flakes) for THE BEST PULLED PORK SANDWICHES ON THE PLANET. 


And then she grilled some sausages I got at last Sunday's Polish Festival, where the accordions were as rambunctious as the dancers, the sausage selection was rivaled only by the sauerkraut, and I got a jar of pickles the size of my head. It was wild, I tell you. WILD.

Almost as wild as this guy's mullet. I KNOW.

He's all business on the left...

And then...WHOA! PARTY ON THE RIGHT! My girlfriends and I were utterly mesmo. We couldn't figure it out: did it start as mohawk? a rat tail? a mohawk with a rat tail?  Either way, AWESOME.

And last, but not definitely definitely definitely not least: DEEE HAD HER BABY ON SATURDAY!!  That's right: the day before Mother's Day. WELL PLAYED, BABY GIRL. Please welcome with me to the world Elena Camille, Deee and Brian's little seven pound, eight ounce gem. I hope to have photos on here soon of her--if not ones that I've taken, at least ones that Deee has sent. I'm so thrilled she's here!



  1. speaking of baby girls and OMG DEEE HAD HER BABY GIRL I'M SO CYBERSTALKING HER IN A WAY THAT SHOULD BE CREEPY IF WE WEREN'T BOTH YOUR BFFES AND WOW- can you find out specifics like logistics-wise because Peter actually said, "if we have another boy I might kill myself?!?" AND he would be SUCH a cute daddy to a baby girl. AH. stop me. i'm self-obsessed.

    I love Deee. and I love you. and I love Brandon (*cough* the great and secret thing *cough* but seriously how did you miss that title?!?!)

    oh. what i wouldn't give to have all of my cybersoulmates in one town. but then the world might implode. sooner.

  2. Welcome Elena Camille!
    May your world be filled
    with all things nice,
    like butterflies, rainbows
    and sugar and spice.
    May your days be filled
    with hugs and kisses,
    your nights with cuddles and whispered wishes!

  3. You are welcome to have blog babies with us whenever you would like.

  4. well done Dee, best wishes to you both, I'll bet the baby is beautiful! Alan

  5. Congrats to Dee on the baby. Wow! That guy's hair is something. You do have to admit (or at least, I do) that he's cute.

  6. I would like to print a (long-overdue) correction of Elena's birth-time!! She was born just after midnight on Mother's Day proper! GOOD GIRL!!