Saturday, December 30, 2017

Nothing to see here, folks

OMGYOUGUYS. What a wild Saturday this is: we spent the morning binge-watching Good Wife while toasting every Alicia-Power-Moment with mimosas, then I decided - perhaps because of the aforementioned game - that I would try to be funny on Imgur (turns out I'm not, not ever) and now we are having some sensible tea so we can pretend we're still responsible adults, who have plans today, like nachos and more Good Wife, and not leaving the house. 

Speaking of not leaving the house: I pincurled my hair last night and forgot how short it was and woke up to this: 

That's right. I'm Working Girl. Every inch of hair = BIZNESS

I took some brushing-and-waiting advice, and have 'succeeded' with an Early Carrie Bradshaw affect, which I'm pretty sure only works for SJP but progress, I'll take it:

Y so big tho

Remind me next time I think this is a good idea that a two-day lead time might be beneficial.

That moment when you turn away from your blog to take a hair selfie and realise your partner - high on Alicia Florrick and football - has contributed to your blog:

all whilst Alan live streams the Celtic Rangers game in rural france.  Who knew?  He's as happy as a pig in a blanky-blanky. This is all in between reading the odd page of a slow page turner about the teenage Marco Polo. I love this man. He has everything. Especially strong thighs.  Not like chicken thighs, proper strong. 

Apologies now for the essence of Tom Haverford, who we swear said 'blanky-blanky' in an episode but I can't confirm it now so if you can - LOVE YOU FOREVER - but otherwise, will proceed anyway. Also the book Al is referencing is The Journeyer, but given how long it's taking him to read it, cannot possibly be recommended.

Until tomorrow, NYE and the last day of December's MyBloWrimo, HAPPY WEEKEND!

Big hugs,

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