Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday is for frolics

OMGYOUGUYS. I get to proofread a really cool book this week: it's the sequel to Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, called Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different. I'm only a handful of stories in - including Ai WeiWei and Alan Turing - and I'm having a heckuva good time. It's also just gorgeous to look at:

Every page is beautifully illustrated and it doesn't even feel like work. The whole experience reminds me of the fun I had doing Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to British Birds. That guy is hilarious. Also I learned a lot about British birds, knowledge I can only hope will be useful in a pub quiz someday.

I've got to jump in the bath now - our landscapers are due any minute and I don't want to miss them - and then it's to the market! 

Big hugs,

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